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Tanzania Initiative

In Tanzania, less than 10% of the schools have proper hand washing facilities or clean water.  Some Tanzanian schools have greater than 200 students per squat-hole (i.e. hole in the ground for bathroom purposes) and do not have water for the children to wash their hands.  Lack of proper sanitation is a threat to the student's health which in turn impacts their education.

In September 2013, the MeCA team partnered with Leon Barber to provide clean water to the Nambere Primary School (located in Nambere Village, Arumeru District) in Arusha, Tanzania.  Previously, every day approximately 200 Nambere students were responsible for fetching clean water from a stream to use in the school.  The Clean Water for Tanzania project successfully installed a water tank on the school grounds to support the 745 students attending Nambere. As a result, more students are staying inside of the classroom learning, while only a couple of students are required to walk a few quick feet to access clean water.  As a bonus, the installed water tank is large enough to provide clean water to support the families residing in the local village near the school.

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