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Our Guiding Principals

Mission EduCare's guiding principles reflect the common beliefs that our team and volunteers all share.  We all believe that:

Giving Is "Viral": We believe when we give selflessly and cheerfully, it inspires others to give.

Giving Has No Boundaries: We believe we should not limit ourselves to giving based on geographic restrictions; every child, in all parts of the world, deserve a decent learning environment.

Responsibility To Give Back: We believe we all have a responsibility and obligation to give back our time, talents, and resources towards the benefit of others.

Commitment To Our Communities: We believe in building sustainable, long term relationships with the children, schools and communities we serve.

Education Creates Possibilities: We believe that education is the foundation and the door to life’s possibilities.

Ethical Behavior Is A Given: We believe we should always incorporate the highest level of integrity, ethics, and honesty in all of our behaviors.
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