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Kenya Library Initiative

The goal of our 2011 Kenya Library Initiative was to provide books to one school in the Mukurweini District in Central Kenya. Thanks to the overwhelming support by our volunteers, we exceeded our goal by collecting 4 times the amount of books originally targeted!   

Over 2300 books were donated to start libraries in 3 Kenya schools: Mbugwa Primary School and Kihuti Primary School in the Mukurweini District and the Donald Romeo Academy in Kakamega, Kenya serving over 940 students.  In addition, 2 computers were donated to the Kihuti Primary School, and several school supplies were provided to all 3 schools. 
We are grateful for the generosity we received thus far from our passionate volunteers, and we hope to continue to receive your support so we can continue to make a positive impact on children in developing communities around the world.

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